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How Ayurveda Works To Heal Your Body

How Ayurveda Works To Heal Your Body

Ayurveda is the oldest system of medicine that has its roots traced back to the Indian subcontinent. It is an age-old health care tradition that has been in use for more than 5000 years. The name has its origin from Sanskrit, where “Ayur” means “life” and “Veda” means “knowledge.” The pioneers of ancient times documented this system as the historical texts in the Vedas.

However, with time, this system has evolved and widely practiced across the globe. Many even believe that there is a potential ayurvedic treatment for cancer and other diseases available in our universe.

Is Ayurveda Effective?

Ayurveda is quite an effective way of healing the internal system of the body. Detailed studies show that Ayurvedic medicinal herbs are quite useful in curing many diseases without any potential side effects. However, the primary difference between the traditional allopathic medicine and Ayurveda lies in their approaches.

Allopathic medicine tends to focus on symptoms and diseases. They utilise drugs and surgery to remove the diseased tissue and the pathogens out of the body. However, Ayurvedic medicines and herbs don’t focus on the disease only or use drugs to eliminate the potential threat from the body. Ayurveda uses strategies quite the opposite of drugs and surgeries. They mainly focus on maintaining the different energy levels in the boy and overall healing of the bodily systems.

Ayurveda strongly believes that the energy system controls the different functions of the body. Hence, when there is an imbalance of the energy systems in the body, the body tends to fall prey to several diseases. To cure these adverse conditions, the best ayurvedic products focus on balancing the energy levels in the body.

Basic Principles of Ayurveda

Every individual has a unique combination of biological principles, which are termed as the doshas. According to the laws of Ayurveda, these doshas determine the physical, physiological, and mental wellbeing of the individual.

It also helps the person to determine the disease’s vulnerability of the body. That is possible, as, during life, these doshas deviate from the original condition for diverse reasons and thus leave a strong impact on the health of the person. Factors that can influence the deviation of these doshas include:

  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Relationships
  • Psychic consciousness
  • Lifestyle
  • Season
  • Stress and work-life load
  • Diet
  • Physical health condition, etc.

A Brief Introduction to the Different Doshas

The three main doshas, along with their characteristics, are:



The energy of pitta is connected to fire and is known to control the endocrine and the digestive systems. Individuals with pitta energy are considered to be fiery in temperament, fast-paced, and intelligence. Diseases like ulcers, digestive problems, heartburn, anger, inflammation, and arthritis develop when there is an imbalance in the pitta energy level. Ayurvedic diet, a peaceful environment, meditation, and regular exercises can help balance the level of pitta energy in the body.


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This kind of energy is associated with space and air and controls different bodily movements. It helps to control the regular breathing and circulation of blood in the body. It predominates in people who are creative, lively and are original thinkers. When there is an imbalance in the level of this energy in the body, the body tends to fall ill severely. Conditions like dry skin, constipation, joint pain, anxiety, etc. are visible due to the imbalance in the vata energy level.

Excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs, overworking and stress, anger, and unhealthy food habits can bring about an imbalance in the body. To overcome it, one can resort to healthy food habits, exercises, meditation, and live in a peaceful environment. Other than these, one can sue different medicinal herbs and Ayurvedic products to overcome such conditions in the body. You can find beneficial Ayurvedic medicine online on websites of companies like SKAS Natural.


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The kapha energy is linked to water and earth elements, which are useful in controlling the growth and strength of the individual. People with such energy levels are quite calm and strong. However, people tend to develop obesity, gall bladder conditions, and sinus problems due to an imbalance in the kapha energy levels. Proper food habits, peaceful environment, meditation, and exercises can do wonders in this case.

Research shows that these three doshas are the main driving forces that help to heal your body with Ayurveda. The professional utilise these principles to provide natural solutions to many people in distress. These are biological energies that can help the people to ease out their problems more naturally and healthily.

Due to the immense popularity of Ayurvedic products in the market, there has always been duplicity of products. This kind of fraud is extremely harmful as it directly hampers the normal condition of the body. Hence, while buying any Ayurvedic medicine online, be sure to check the reputation and products of the company thoroughly.

How Do Ayurveda Works?

Ayurveda incorporates various strategies for analysis of the key symptoms and conditions of the illness to find out the exact cause of the disease. The professional also considers the suitability of the patient for various treatments to avoid any mishaps later. The initial tests are all done for a thorough assessment of the current condition of the patient.

Many times, the practitioner uses cleansing and palliative measures to eradicate the imbalance in the energy levels of the boy. In a few cases, the patient might have to attend the cleansing program called panchakarma to get rid of the harmful toxins from the body. Thus, we might conclude that the basic principles of Ayurveda address the conditions of all the aspects of life, which are the mind, spirit, and body. 

Along with these practices, one also needs to use certain Ayurvedic products, which help the body to heal faster than the usual rate. One can buy Ayurvedic medicine online, but be careful to choose the products according to the needs of the body. Also, do not forget to refer to a professional while consuming these to get the maximum results.

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