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Wondering What to Eat After Running? 7 Best Foods to Eat after Running & Exercise!

Wondering What to Eat After Running_

Hey! Are you a runner? Well, such a strenuous activity for the body if it’s in daily routine!

Quite understandably, you must feel extremely fatigued after running because that’s natural. What your body demands after the running is nourishment, a healthy diet for a quick recovery!

Of course, running is great for health, improves the heart mechanism, strengthen the muscles of legs and buttocks, build endurance or Increases The Body Stamina Naturally, take care of your lungs and boost the immunity system too. Nevertheless, it is a rigorous activity for the body in which you sweat, lose fluids and minerals, specifically potassium and sodium.

What to Eat After Running

Therefore, it becomes even more essential to replenish those lost fluids and minerals. And, it possible when you are not just taking a balanced diet but also consuming the required nutrients after running.

Now, let’s us talk about the essential nutrients that you should consume after running.

1. Carbohydrates 

What to Eat After Running - Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are one of the essential nutrients that your body demands after running or any other rigorous exercise. Once you complete the running activity, it is important to add carbohydrates in your meal. Apart from the protein, you can add 30 to 40 grams of carbohydrates in your diet to consume it after the running, which provides nourishment and minerals to your body.

2. Protein

What to Eat After Running - Protein

Protein is an extremely important nutrient for the muscles and after running, protein is what you need to stimulate the muscles. Once you finish running, you have to take the meal which includes protein. Ideal protein that has to be consumed is in between 0.14 to 0.23 grams, according to every pound of the human body. Hence, you can intake 18.2 grams to 29.9 grams of protein after a strenuous workout.

3. Fluids

What to Eat After Running - Fluids

After running or tough workout, another essential thing to include in the meal is fluids or electrolytes. Sports drink is what you should preferably opt for! It is beneficial in hydrating your body after exhausting running activity along with replenishing the salts that your body lost through sweat. You can also go for the smoothies and juices made at home!

So, these were some of the essential nutrients that you should intake if you are involved in running or tough workout sessions!

Further, let’s talk about the food that you should consume after running or exercise for recovery!

1. Fresh Fruits 

What to Eat After Running - Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits like banana and oranges are the best food to intake after arduous exercise, workout sessions or running! Banana has potassium, which keeps the electrolyte balance and oranges has vitamin C that’s beneficial in fighting muscle damage. Either you can have them raw or choose to go with some delicious snack ideas like fruit smoothies made from bananas or mangoes in combination with low-fat milk, or fresh fruit juice may be? Otherwise, fruit salad with a handful of berries such a delicious combination, isn’t it?

2. Low-Fat Yogurt 

What to Eat After Running - Low-Fat Yogurt

Low-fat yogurt is yet another delicious and useful snack that needs to be consumed after the workout sessions. To make your low-fat yogurt a bit delicious, you can add some granola or oats into it. The benefit of adding oats into the yogurt is not just for the taste but equally good for the immunity system. Oats are a really important source of carbohydrates, which restores the energy levels and replenish the glycogen stores.

Another great combination is yogurt and honey that you must try as an after snack! As we all know, honey is a natural sweetener and has a lot of goodness! After a tiring running activity, you can indulge in some savoury and instant energy-giving food. Moreover, you can add berries into it to make it more delicious along with the benefit of antioxidants that your muscle requires after a tiring workout!

3. Chicken or Turkey

What to Eat After Running - Chicken or Turkey

We all know that chicken or turkey is one of the best proteins for the body, which is an urgent requirement for the muscles after running or exercise. You just have to make sure that cook them with less fat like cook it with olive oil. If you are into calorie counting, then you can do the required poaching or roasting the meat without the skin!

Some other best combinations to try with chicken or turkey is with hummus and avocado on wholegrain toast.

4. Chocolate Milk

What to Eat After Running - Chocolate Milk

Undeniably, the delicious and healthy chocolate milk is the next best thing that you can take after a tiring exercise session. Chocolate milk has a perfect combination of both carbohydrates and protein; thus, it serves as the best healthy drink that you can consume to restore all the energy and recover your muscles.

Usually, those gym freaks take their chocolate milk in the sipper along with them to the gym to make workout sessions better! You just have to make sure that the milk you use should be skimmed, and doesn’t have too much added sugar in it! Moreover, you can take the chocolate milk along with bananas. This is specifically for those who are involved in strenuous running and exercise sessions.

5. Nut Butter

What to Eat After Running - Nut Butter

Nut butter, isn’t it a great choice when you have to intake nutrients while maintaining the taste? Well, it is! Nut butter is a great option that helps in providing you Vitamin E to combat with the muscle damage along with oxidative stress after running. Nut butter is ,of course, a healthy option and doesn’t loaded with cholesterol.

You try nut butter with several other snack options. Some of them are listed below to try:

  • Nut butter with Bananas
  • Nut butter with Apples
  • Nut butter with wholegrain toast
  • Nut butter on Crackers

Try it out and let us know if it was great in taste!

6. Tuna/ Salmon 

What to Eat After Running - Salmon

Tuna and Salmon are considered as one of the fatty fishes and kept into the main meal for the runner specifically! Tuna or Salmon has that inflammation-fighting mega-3 fatty acid, which helps them greatly in recovery after strenuous activity.

According to a survey conducted, tuna or salmon fish is beneficial in minimizing the muscle soreness and pain you feel after the exercise. So, if you are involved in running or any other strenuous exercise, then eating tuna or salmon fatty fish is a great post-run recovery snack! Now, let’s talk about some amazing combinations that you can try with tuna or salmon.

  • Tuna with hummus, mustard, celery and lettuce.
  • Tuna on whole wheat bread or toast.
  • Tuna and whole wheat pasta along with the vegetables, which includes green beans or onions to add some crisp or flavour. 

So, try out these combinations!

7. Eggs and Tofu 

What to Eat After Running - Eggs

Eggs, as we all know is the protein workhouse that goes perfectly with anything. For bones and muscles, an egg is what you need to add into your recovery meal after a heavy workout or running activity.

You can try fried egg on the top of the toast (made with whole wheat bread). Else, you can make it a whole nutrient-loaded meal. How? Fry the eggs and place it on the toast and then fold it with the veggies. Stir the veggies and then place it on the top of the toast to make it a nutritious and delicious meal! 

What to Eat After Running

Coming to the Tofu now. Tofu is yet another major source of protein as it contains all the essential nutrients like all the nine amino acids. In whatever way you like, roasted, baked or fried, you can have tofu as a recovery meal once you are done with the exercise or running. Tofu also has iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium, which makes it a perfect choice that you must add into your meal or snack after running or workout session!


To sum it all up, we hope that all the ambiguities are clear! Now, you must have figured out What To Eat After Running, right? Doubtlessly, running or exercise not just Detoxify Your Body Naturally, but also build stamina or endurance. But it is tiring for the body and post-workout meal is required to have necessary carbs and proteins to recover the body and muscles. Hence, follow them and you are ready to for the next day!

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