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Natuherbs Face Wash

  • Natuherbs face wash gel is a soap free ayurvedic face wash which contains natural ingredients
  • It prevents acne formation by eradicating bacteria and cures existing one
  • This natural face wash purifies skin by washing away all the dirt and cleanses pores while retaining the moisture of your skin
  • It is effective for controlling oil and cleans your face without drying it out much

Natuherbs Velvety Intimate Wash Gel

  • Natuherbs velvety intimate wash gel is an ayurvedic hygiene wash gel
  • A gentle and caring wash for intimate hygienic needs of women imbued with potent ayurvedic extracts and essential oils
  • It is designed to promote body's natural vaginal pH balance and maintain complete vaginal hygiene
  • The tea tree oil helps relieve itching and irritation
  • Cleanse excessive vaginal discharge